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Rowed to Fitness offers personal training, metabolic testing, and indoor rowing based training and coaching for athletes and adults over 50 looking to get fit and healthy for their second-act.

Is it time for you to start taking care of you again?  When I turned 55, my boys were no longer living at home, work life was slowing down, and I found more time to focus on getting myself healthy again. Through genetics, working out, and playing sports when I was younger, I managed to end up with stage 4 arthritis in my knee and hip, along with 2 severely torn rotator cuffs and disc damage in my lumbar spine. Coming back and living out my childhood dream of being an athlete became my challenge at 55 years old.

Less than 6 years later, I have won 3 gold medals at the World Indoor Rowing Championships, 4 silver medals, 2 US National titles, and a World Record.

While I can’t promise all of that for you, I can coach you down the same paths that led me to being healthier, fitter, stronger and happier. And if you have an inner athlete that you’re trying to bring out, I’d love to help you with that, too.

Read more about my coaching and programs below and let’s hit the ROWED TO FITNESS!


I’m a personal trainer, fitness and sports nutrition coach that loves helping others get in great shape, feel great, and achieve their goals. I also teach other coaches, trainers, crossfitters, athletes, and people that want to learn to utilize and master one of the most effective pieces of equipment in the gym, the rowing erg.



  • Personal Strength & Fitness Training
  • Indoor Rowing based Training and Coaching Programs
  • VO2 Max Testing and Programming for Rowers, Cyclists and Runners
  • Metabolic Testing for Personalized Nutrition Plans and Metabolic Health
  • Indoor Rowing Workshops for Crossfit Boxes and Physical Therapy Clinics



  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Sports Nutrition Coach
  • PNOE Metabolic Testing Certified
  • Concept2 Certified Rowing Coach
  • Dark Horse Rowing Certified Coach
  • Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED


The rowing erg is one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment in the gym. Once you learn to utilize it you’ll find that it fits almost any style of workout that you could want. Whether you are wanting to get in shape, lose weight, rehab injuries, delay the aging process, build muscle, increase flexibility, or compete in a growing sport that is recognized around the world, rowing is for you.


  • Recruits 86% of your muscles
  • Improves overall fitness
  • Builds endurance
  • Strengthens your heart
  • Increases proprioception
  • Provides low impact workout
  • Increases mobility
  • Great workout for all fitness levels
  • Easily track your progress


  • Burns a lot calories
  • Can be meditative and calming
  • Boosts your mood
  • Great for abs and glutes
  • Improves posture
  • Perfect for active recovery
  • Can work aerobic, threshold and anaerobic systems
  • It’s challenging, fun and rewarding


Accepting new clients for in-person and online personal training, and offering programs with metabolic analysis, beginning November 2023.

I’m excited about the new metabolic testing programs that I am now able to offer! Utilizing the PNOĒ system, a clinical grade metabolic testing device, along with a team of metabolic experts and registered dietitians, Rowed to Fitness now offers resting and active metabolic rate tests. In under 15-mins, PNOĒ analyzes, non-invasively, instantly, and without labwork, 23 biomarkers that assess vital areas, including metabolism, cellular function, heart & lung fitness, fat-burning efficiency, and biological age. With these results we can build precise training and nutrition programs that are designed specifically for your physiology and metabolism.

If you’re an athlete looking for your VO2 Max along with specific training zones, or, someone looking to gain insight on your health, metabolism and receive an effective nutrition plan, Rowed to Fitness has you covered.

Explore program and coaching options, view pricing, and take advantage of our limited metabolic and training packages by clicking the link below.


At 61 years old I am in the best shape of my life. I have learned to deal with and overcome osteoarthritis in my hip and knee, rotator cuff tissue tears; spinal stenosis, degeneration, and ruptured disc; and severe asthma and food allergies. In 2018 I started training on the rowing erg. It offered a low-impact all-body workout, and was one of the only exercises that my body could handle. After realizing that this was something I could do, and do really well, I started training to compete. In 2020 I won a silver medal in the 500m at the World Rowing Indoor Championship in Paris, France. Since then, I have won 3 World Championship titles for the 500m, 3 silver medals at the World Championships for the 2000m, US National Championship gold medals, and broke the 500m World Record for Lightweight Men 60 and over.

I’m a certified rowing coach with Concept2, as well as an NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutrition Coach. I’m also certified to conduct metabolic testing and analysis which I use to better understand my clients physiology and to help them to understand their own bodies, in order to better achieve their goals.

Whether you want to get in great physical shape, release the inner-athlete you’ve always wanted to be, lose weight and get healthier, or just up your rowing game, I can help you get there and we’ll have fun while doing it!

Indoor rowing world champion and personal trainer Steve Tague with gold and silver medals 2023


Anne B. | Fundamentals Workshop

It was fantastic! I learned a ton – still lots to learn 🙂

David S. | Fundamentals Workshop

Intimate setting, casual, great knowledge!

Lexi I. | Athlete Coaching

Steve is incredibly knowledgeable, personable, and encouraging. I improved so much in such a short time from his coaching and highly recommend him.

Maren T. | Rowing Coaching

It was great when Steve started coaching me because I got so much faster than everyone else. But now that he’s coaching everybody, they’re all fast!

Travis W. | Owner – Fortitude Fitness Training

After being a fitness trainer for 16 years I now know that I have barely scratched the surface on the techniques and attributes of the rowing machine. Steve has gracefully insrtructed me on not only how to be a better rower but a better coach as well! I trust and value Steve’s experience and achievement to lead my gym’s rowing initiative.

Tenley S. | Rowing Coaching

“I had never sat on a rowing machine in my life before coming to Steve. He was encouraging right from the start and it didn’t take long to find myself challenged in ways I hadn’t imagined. He proved I’m stronger than I think I am, and I do indeed have a beast mode.”



Email me for more information or to signup for a program. I’d like to hear from you and would love to help you reach your goals!