Author: Steve Tague

Indoor rowing can help strengthen the body around injuries and prevent them, especially for people over 50.

Injuries, Aging, and Indoor Rowing

Did Indoor Rowing Cause Your Injuries? Indoor rowing did not cause my injuries or the deterioration of my joints. Genetics, aging, accidents, and improper heavy lifting when I was younger, are the cause of my aches and pains. Through indoor rowing, I have been able to strengthen and lengthen everything around the old and damaged […]

weightlifting shoes for indoor rowing provide a solid and stable platform with a raised heel

The Best Shoes for Indoor Rowing

What are the best shoes for indoor rowing? In a sport where you are trying to put every bit of power into each rowing stroke, finding a shoe that will help transfer your energy into the indoor rowing machine, rather than absorb it, is key. Some rowers choose to row on the erg without shoes, […]

Male over 50 athlete on Concept2 rowing machine, working out with grip on handle.

How to Grip the Handle on the Rowing Machine

Get a Grip! A more efficient grip on the rowing machine handle. Whether you are just learning to row on the Concept2 rowing machine, or you’re a competitive rower, conserving energy is an important for an efficient rowing stroke. Every little bit counts, including how you grip the handle on the rowing machine. Hold your […]

How I Got Started on the Rowed to Fitness

How I Got Started on the Rowed to Fitness Indoor rowing wasn’t unfamiliar to me when it came to working out. But, I had no idea that I would ever take it to the level that I have in the past few years. Off and on I worked out at some Crossfit gyms, primarily with […]

Group of athletes working out on indoor rowing machines

Why Indoor Rowing is Smokin’ Hot

Why Indoor Rowing is Smokin’ Hot Indoor rowing is currently one of the fastest growing fitness exercises in the world. It’s no secret why, once you learn more about what it has to offer. Rowing is for everyone. All levels of fitness, all ages, all body types, everyone. The versatility of this machine makes it […]