Indoor Rowing Class

Man and women on rowing machine ergs during group fitness exercise class

Get ready to challenge yourself with a full-range indoor rowing workout where you’ll build your fitness, strength, endurance and mobility! Rowed to Fitness workouts are rowing based group classes where you’ll develop your fitness, body, mind and confidence along with other rowers, in a supportive, team atmosphere. These classes are currently offered on a weekly basis at Fortitude Fitness in Bend, Oregon.

The one-hour workouts include warm-up, cool-down and a lot of fun, challenging work in between. You’ll also receive one-on-one instruction, tips, and guidance to not only assist you through the workout, but to help you become a better, stronger, and more efficient rower.

Classes are coached by The Americas Continental and World Indoor Rowing Champion, Steve Tague. So, whether you are looking for a great class to improve your health and fitness, or a Crossfit athlete looking to up your rowing game, this class is for you!

Rowing classes are very limited in size and require pre-registration. You can signup using the links below-