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weightlifting shoes for indoor rowing provide a solid and stable platform with a raised heel

The Best Shoes for Indoor Rowing

What are the best shoes for indoor rowing? In a sport where you are trying to put every bit of power into each rowing stroke, finding a shoe that will help transfer your energy into the indoor rowing machine, rather than absorb it, is key. Some rowers choose to row on the erg without shoes, […]

Male over 50 athlete on Concept2 rowing machine, working out with grip on handle.

How to Grip the Handle on the Rowing Machine

Get a Grip! A more efficient grip on the rowing machine handle. Whether you are just learning to row on the Concept2 rowing machine, or you’re a competitive rower, conserving energy is an important for an efficient rowing stroke. Every little bit counts, including how you grip the handle on the rowing machine. Hold your […]