Workshop: Mastering the Rowing Erg

Do you own a Crossfit gym and want your crew to be the best rowers in town? This is a workshop geared for anyone that has experience with the erg and wants to up their game and take control of it. You’ll be surprised at how much there is to learn about the rowing erg and how much you can improve by mastering it.

It’s a perfect class for Crossfit athletes that want to be able to improve the rowing portions of their workouts. Not only can I show you how to improve your times, meters and calories, but I’ll make you a more efficient and powerful rower.

For coaches that want to teach their clients, members and athletes to be better rowers, I will give you knowledge that can be passed on and teach you to become a better coach. Of course, you won’t want to give it all away if you still want to be faster than them.

If the rowing machine is a piece of equipment that you are able utilize for work with your physical therapy patients, I can show you how to use the erg safely and effectively for your clients. With its ability to work over 85% of the body in a low impact manner while lengthening and strengthening muscles, this can be an extremely useful tool in your practice if used correctly.

Prerequisites for this class are, experience with prior rowing workouts at a Crossfit or functional fitness gym that uses the Concept2 rowing erg, or familiarity with utilizing the Concept2 with your clients. For Crossfit workshops, knowledge of your current 500M and 2000M times will be necessary to show improvement.

This is a 4+ hour workshop that will involve some rowing workouts and benchmark times. If you like rowing, you’re going to absolutely love it after this class.