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Why Indoor Rowing is Smokin’ Hot

Why Indoor Rowing is Smokin’ Hot

Indoor rowing is currently one of the fastest growing fitness exercises in the world. It’s no secret why, once you learn more about what it has to offer.

Rowing is for everyone. All levels of fitness, all ages, all body types, everyone. The versatility of this machine makes it a great choice for anyone looking to lose weight, gain strength, improve endurance, rehabilitate injuries, cross-train for other sports, compete, or just enjoy a fun and challenging workout.

Here are just a few of the benefits of training on the indoor rower:

•It’s a smooth, rhythmic motion which minimizes the effects of gravity while requiring your body to produce force both horizontally and vertically. This creates a low-impact workout where you can improve both strength and endurance without putting too much stress on your joints.
•It works all major muscle groups including your quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes, core, back, shoulders and arms.
•It can provide aerobic, anaerobic and strength training.
•Burns more calories than most other sports or exercise.
•Moves muscles and joints more than most other exercises, creating mobility and flexibility.
•Builds muscle, reduces blood pressure, and helps with weight loss.
•Can be calming and meditative with its rhythmic motion.
•Cross-training or recovery workout for other sports.
•Easy to track your progress.

Most people will start out by going into a gym, hopping on the rowing machine, and start pulling like crazy for about a minute. They’ll get tired, hop off, and decide rowing is not for them. Or, they’ll go to a Crossfit workout that involves rowing and they will, “fly and die,” by starting off going as fast as they can, only to run out of gas and having to finish the majority of the workout with nothing left. I know, because I was guilty of both of these.

By learning to control the machine while using proper form and technique, you will start enjoying a variety of workouts. Whether your goal is an aerobic endurance row, anaerobic intervals, or anything in between, you’ll set your pace by controlling power, stroke rate and drag factor so that you are able to row fast, efficiently, calmly, and steadily as you work through any time, distance or calorie workout. When you are in control, this becomes a fun, exciting, and challenging workout that has no limits on how easy or hard you can work.

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