Although I’ve been fairly active throughout my life, I didn’t start serious running until I was 75. Since, I have run several marathons including 2 Boston’s (3 rd in my age group at 78 and a father/son at 82) and since have been competing in various track meets including USATF Masters and National Senior Games. Throughout, I have relied on running in my zones determined by my VO2 Max results. Recently, I was introduced to Coach Tague and his VO2 Max testing program and have just completed a long overdue VO2 Max test administered by him. I was truly impressed not only with his professionalism, but his obvious personally expressed interest in not only ensuring that I got the most out of the test and making sure that I got the data to successfully establish my new zones, but his interest in staying current with my future efforts. I plan on keeping in touch and would wholeheartedly recommend working with Coach Tague.