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Keith S. | 90 Year Old Elite Runner | Metabolic & VO2 Max Testing Client

Although I’ve been fairly active throughout my life, I didn’t start serious running until I was 75. Since, I have run several marathons including 2 Boston’s (3 rd in my age group at 78 and a father/son at 82) and since have been competing in various track meets including USATF Masters and National Senior Games. […]

Michael L. | Over 50 Personal Training Client

“Steve is truly a game changer in the world of personal training. As a former bodybuilder with joint injuries, finding the right regimen that caters to my specific needs was challenging. Steve has demonstrated exceptional expertise and attentiveness in crafting a program that not only helped me regain mobility but also aided in weight loss. […]

Aaron T. | Former Pro Rock Climber & Personal Training Client

“Having been a former professional rock climber, I once believed I had a thorough grasp on training and understanding my body. However, after training with Steve for the past six months, my perspective has completely evolved. Steve’s detailed and tailored approach to fitness has not only transformed my physique, leading to numerous compliments, but it […]

Lexi I. | Athlete Coaching

Steve is incredibly knowledgeable, personable, and encouraging. I improved so much in such a short time from his coaching and highly recommend him.

Maren T. | Rowing Coaching

It was great when Steve started coaching me because I got so much faster than everyone else. But now that he’s coaching everybody, they’re all fast!

Travis W. | Owner – Fortitude Fitness Training

After being a fitness trainer for 16 years I now know that I have barely scratched the surface on the techniques and attributes of the rowing machine. Steve has gracefully insrtructed me on not only how to be a better rower but a better coach as well! I trust and value Steve’s experience and achievement […]

Tenley S. | Rowing Coaching

“I had never sat on a rowing machine in my life before coming to Steve. He was encouraging right from the start and it didn’t take long to find myself challenged in ways I hadn’t imagined. He proved I’m stronger than I think I am, and I do indeed have a beast mode.”