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Indoor rowing workout at Rowed to Fitness in Central Oregon

How to Perform the Rowing Stroke Correctly

Personal trainer and Concept2 rowing coach, Steve Tague of Rowed to Fitness in Bend Oregon, shows how to perform the rowing stroke correctly. In this YouTube video, Steve goes over the 4 parts of the stroke, the catch, the drive, the release, and the recovery. Watch the video and learn to perform a more efficient […]

Athlete trining with deadlifts at Rowed to Fitness personal training Bend Oregon

Pushing Your Body to It’s Limits

Training for any competitive sport at an elite level always forces you to ride a fine line On one side, you need to push hard enough to achieve the gains needed to remain competitive. On the other, there’s the point where your body becomes overtrained, causing your body to shut down or become injured. Finding […]