90 year old Keith Sime of Bend Oregon performing VO2 max test with Rowed to Fitness.

Rowed to Fitness offers metabolic testing, including VO2 max testing, for fitness, nutrition, longevity and performance.

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to run resting metabolic and VO2 max tests on Keith Sime. Keith is a 90 year old elite runner who resides here in Bend, Oregon.

Since the age of 75, Keith has run in several marathons, including 2 Boston Marathons. Jonah Koski, Keith’s physical therapist and strength coach at HQPT in Bend, recently introduced Keith to me. In preparation for this seasons track meets Keith wanted to update his training zones, as well as his VO2 max. Within the next few months, Keith will be competing in the USATF Masters Championships, and the World Masters.

Resting and Active Metabolic Rate Tests were able to determine over 20 various bio- markers as well as Keith’s current VO2 max, and calculate his current training zones.

The tests also gave insight to Keith’s heart, lung, and brain health. Jonah Koski and Keith’s world-class running coach, Kyle Will, received the complete metabolic reports and were able to update his training plans accordingly. With this new information, Keith is on his way to more medals at the upcoming races this season.

Metabolic testing is not just for VO2 max testing.

With a Resting Metabolic Rate test we can determine your metabolic fitness, fat-burning efficiency, resting metabolic rate, as well as heart and lung fitness. With the results we can also provide you with a complete diet and nutrition plan.

An Active Metabolic Rate test, also known as the VO2 max test, will report on cardiovascular fitness, aerobic health, breathing, cognition, high-intensity performance, and determine your biological age. With this information heart rate training zones are established and training plans can be recommended or provided.

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